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Nearly 16 million root canals are done nationally each year. If you need a root canal, or if it has been several years since your last procedure, you may have questions or concerns. Please click below to learn more.


Welcome to Progressive Endodontics.

Saving Teeth Through Single-Visit Root Canal Treatment

pro·gres·sive - characterized by progress, making use of new ideas, findings, or opportunities… Webster’s definition really gets at the heart of what Progressive Endodontics is about. We embrace new technology and new thinking, and we are committed to the highest level of patient care.

Progressive Endodontics provides comprehensive dental care for patients in need of root canal treatment or microsurgical procedures.

We have four convenient locations:
  • Brighton
  • Pittsford (Bushnell’s Basin)
  • Geneseo
  • Greece

Always accepting new patients. Emergencies accommodated.